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  • Congestion - each person on a bike is one less car on the road.

  • Health - making some journeys by bike can help lose weight and stay fit

  • Carbon emissions - travel by bike is zero emmission

  • Air pollution - Truro has an air pollution problem.  More journeys by bike can help reduce emissions

  • Fun - it's an enjoyable way to get around



  • We want to see cycle provision that makes cycling possible for everyone - children cycling to school and older people who might want to use an adapted bike, eg a tricycle.

  • Transport for London has the most up to date standards - TFL Cycle Design Standards - based on the Dutch approach of measures suitable for each type of street.

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  • Your employer may have a scheme to help you with the upfront costs of buying a bike.

  • There are lots of local businesses in Truro which can help you with repairs to keep your bike safe and on the road.

  • There are lots of fantastic routes within cycling distance of Truro, or which can be reached by train.

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