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A30 Chiverton to Carland Cross SCHEME


Designated Funds cycling projects – see the latest plans and show your support at exhibitions being held through August


The Designated Funds (DF) cycling and environment projects relating to the A30 dualling scheme were announced in February. There are 4 cycling projects which will all be delivered by Cornwall Council:

  • a cycle route between St. Agnes and Threemilestone with a bridge at Chiverton; (we have been promoting this as the St Agnes to Truro Cycle Highway)

  • multi use paths on the old railway route between Newquay and Perranporth;

  • a link between Trispen and Idless;

  • a connection between St Newlyn East and Carland Cross.

  • A fifth scheme will improve the existing A30 for safe cycling

You can view the latest plans at the following exhibitions. Members of the Council’s project team will be at the below venues between 12 noon and 8pm to explain the routes in more detail and answer any questions you may have.  The Council will be seeking people’s views through a questionnaire.  A large show of support is crucial to ensure the projects get delivered.


Date                      Venue

Wed 6th August     Goonhavern Community Centre, TR4 9NW

Fri 9th August         Miners & Mechanics Institute, Vicarage Rd,

                                 St Agnes, TR5 TL

Tues 13th August   Concho Lounge, Bank Street, Newquay,

                                 TR7 1AY

Wed 1th August     Perranporth Rugby Club, Budnic Hill,

                                 TR6 0DB

Mon 19th August   Hawkins Arms, Zelah, TR4 9HU

Tues 20th August   St Newlyn East Village Hall, Neeham Road,   

                             TR8 5LE

Wed 21st August   St Erme Community Hall, Castle Fields,        

                                 TR4 9BD


If you are unable to make the exhibitions the plans and questionnaire will be available on the Council’s website very soon. Please make sure you show your support by completing the questionnaire.  And please let your family, work colleagues and friends know.

There is a tight development timetable to ensure a spend of the Highways England funding by end of March 2021.  The target is submission of Planning applications this Autumn 2019 and a start on site in Spring 2020. 


Thank you for your support so far

The total package for all 4 routes comes to £19 m with £17m from Highways England and £2m from Cornwall Council. We understand that this is an unprecedented amount from the fund and to a large extent reflects the amount of demand for cycling provision shown in the A30 scheme consultation.



The A30 Examination process


Assurances received from Highways England and Cornwall Council

Throughout the examination process Truro Cycling Campaign’s position has been that a high quality direct cycle crossing at Chiverton should have been included in the main scheme from the outset. See our Written Representation to the Inspector. 


However, following further discussions with Highways England and Cornwall Council we received what we felt were sufficient guarantees/reassurances to ensure the delivery of a bridge through the Designated Funds (DF) St Agnes to Truro cycle paths projects:​

1) Confirmation of the DF cycling projects – this was announced in February

2) Construction of the bridge needs to happen at the same time as the road construction. This is to ensure that it is not higher than necessary as the road at Chiverton will be lowered by 2 metres. Road works at Chiverton are programmed towards the end of the project in 2022. The spend deadline for the DF money is earlier – March 2021. Following meetings with Highways England and Cornwall Council we received written assurances that the Council’s match funding could be targeted on the bridge thus avoiding the early DF spend deadline and allowing road and bridge construction to happen at the same time. We also believe that this is the most efficient way to deliver the scheme in terms of public funding

3) The lower height of the bridge will also help ensure it achieves the necessary planning consents, particularly in view of its position next to the World Heritage Site.  Although timescales would not have allowed consideration of a bridge design through a pre-planning application, before the end of the examination process, we are now confident that a bridge can be designed, constructed and landscaped in such a way to be acceptable in planning terms.


Truro Cycling Campaign withdraws its objections to the main scheme

In view of the above reassurances on the delivery of the DF bridge we were able to take a pragmatic view and withdraw our objection to the underpass and the fact that the bridge was not in the main scheme.  We subsequently completed a Statement of Common Ground with Highways England. We continued to take part in the Open Floor Hearing and Issue Specific Hearing on Walking Cycling and Horseriding held in early April.  At these hearings we made it clear that a high quality cycle crossing in the form of a bridge and associated cycle paths either side were essential to increase cycling rates.  We were very pleased that a member of the medical profession working at Treliske hospital was able to attend the Open Floor Hearing to give their own testimony stressing the importance of cycling for health reasons.


Removal of underpass from main scheme?

We are hopeful that as the DF bridge continues through the design and planning consent process that, should the main A30 dualling scheme receive consent, the underpass will be removed from the scheme.  The money saved could then be used to fund optimum walking, cycling and horseriding provision along the detrunked A30.

The A30 Examination is due be completed by 6th August.  The Inspector will then have 3 months to consider and submit her decision to the Secretary of State who will then have a further 3 months to grant or refuse consent.


Achieving a cycle bridge at Chiverton


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Page updated 4th August 2019

Rally at Chiverton

Cycle Highway map with bridge

St Agnes to Truro Cycle Highway

Rally at Chiverton

Cycle bridge over A30 at Lanhydrock

underpass location annotated 3a.jpg

Underpass location

Rally on Lemon Quay


This is where we will provide information about planning applications that could affect cycling in Truro and our responses.